Royal Thai Massage and Foot Reflexology

Whole body massage with traditional Thai massage combines with oil massage, included head neck and shoulders.

Royal Thai Massage is an improved version of Swedish massage with long strokes, kneading, and friction on the muscle and its trigger points to promote rejuvenation, improving blood circulation and evacuate toxins produced by muscle tension and physical stress.

This treatment also included Thai Yoga alike will make you feel lighter, flexible and totally relaxed. You will surprise your body moves more smoothly.

Royal Thai Massage is complemented with signature organic oils which are massaged into the skin and its fragrance leads to further relaxation.

Royal Thai Massage is an option for whom who is looking for Deep Tissue massage to focusing on back and shoulders. It's considered to cures

  • head, neck and chronic back pain
  • psychic imbalances
  • typical 'office-diseases'
  • immune deficiency
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • sleeping disorders
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