Aromatherapy Massage 1 hr + Hot Herb Thai Massage 30 mins

Treatment is including skull, shoulders and neck massage by using palm, thumb and sometime elbow if necessary to focus on the pressure points in order to relieve ache or stiff from the muscle tension.

A treatment that works on the energy lines on your head, neck and shoulders to activates special pressure points and generally encourages brain activity.

Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage not only serves as a great way to relaxing muscle tension and loosen stiffness, it also has a positive impact on health and wellness from within by improving our blood flow, blood circulation and evacuate toxins.

Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage is the best option to regaining a feeling of well-being when you have time restriction. Head, Neck and Shoulders Massage can be considered first aid in the cases of:

  • head, neck and chronic shoulders pain
  • psychic imbalances
  • typical 'office-diseases'
  • physical and mental exhaustion
  • sleeping disorders